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curioCITY is the result of my wondering and wandering around the Square Mile. 

The City of London has many faces. It is the oldest part of London. It is the most modern one. It is filled with traditions and innovation. It is the smallest but the mightiest. It hides many treasures and many secrets.  My walks and tours show you all this.

I'm working hard on the best offer you can get. Contact me to ask what I can do for you.

See where curioCITY can take you!



The City view from the south side of the Thames_edited.jpg

curioCITY WALKS take you on for a quest through City's streets, alleyways, passages, churchyards and squares. They reveal its curios, peculiarities and oddities through the history of people and other inhabitants, buildings and ruins, green spaces and and blue plaques.

Take a look and find a walk for you, and let's discover the City together. If you can't find a walk for you, let me know and tailor it for you.

Each walk lasts 2 hours, rain or shine.



Guildhall Art Gallery.jpg

Guildhall Art Gallery is a hidden gem in the centre of the City of London. It was opened to public in 1886 and since then it has been telling the story of London and Londoners. The Gallery has 4,500 pieces of art in its collections. and 250 of them are on  constant display. They tell us the tales of people who lived, worked, made art and history. And still do.

London's Roman Amphitheathre is the most important part of the Gallery - the biggest and oldest piece telling the story of City's beginnings. The Heritage Gallery is like a treasure chest a where you can find the most important documents in the City's and British history. Worth a visit!   More about the Gallery here.

Each tour lasts around 1.5 hours and starts outside the Gallery, in the Guildhall Yard, EC2V 5AE

Why curioCITY?

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