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curioCITY is me

My name is Laura.

I am a City of London Guide and a member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

'What's your story?', I have been asked a few times recently. My story is very simple, really. I came to London in 2012, I fell in love with it and stayed. Sort of veni, vidi and vici still in the making.

My favourite part of London is its birthplace, the City. I feel here like Alice in Wonderland and most certainly I can't get tired of it. 

I hope you will enjoy walking with me in my curioCITY as much I enjoy it.

See where curioCITY can take you.


Waiting for my first Open House Festival walk in Semptember 2023

Lord Mayor Willliam Russell and I

Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor William Russell and me after annual Lord Mayor's lecture at Gresham College in 2020

About me

The City view from the south side of the Thames.jpg


I come from Poland where my Parents live in the countryside with their dogs and cats.

Since I can remember there always have been animals in our home. In 1997 we bought our first Siberian Husky, Wabigoon, and that’s how my family became dog breeders. We ran our kennel with 12 Huskies for almost 20 years and founded a charity to share our love and knowledge about these dogs, help other owners to understand them, look after them and promote animal welfare & sleddog sports. During that time we travelled a lot and organised annually an event for the public in cooperation with the local and national authorities and an exhibition in our local museum dedicated to our dogs and the sport.

Wrocław [Wroclove]

I was born in Wroclaw, which is located exactly in the middle of Central Europe. It is known as the Meeting Place. People from all over the world, from different backgrounds, religions, cultures meet here and speak all the languages of the world.

It it Wrocław where I first learned English and went on to study it, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree, and share it with other people as a teacher. 

It is here where I studied Tourism and graduated with a Master's Degree, which gave me an opportunity to take my first step on my way to London.


I came to London in 2012, just before the Olympic Games.

Since then I have been living in different boroughs of London, from west to east, and working in Ealing, Oxford Street, Knighsbridge and the City of London. My favourite job I even had was a Welcome Host at Tower Bridge.

It gave me an opportunity to learn about the City of London. I had read about the city of London before but it was then when I started really exploring the history of the City. I still do it and it never stops to surprise and fascinate me.

City of London

My first visit in the City was like a love at the first sight. I was so happy that I could work near the Museum of London and have lunch in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral.

After many years of my own research – based on tons of books (fictional and non-fictional) – I finally decided to put some order in my knowledge and check how much I actually knew about the City.  First, I enrolled on an Exploring the City Course, then – on Introduction to Guiding in the City, and finally on City of London Guides Course. I have passed my exams this year and become a City of London Guide.

And, as they say, the rest is a history…

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