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Welcome to the City of London! Welcome to curioCITY!

The City of London is a very busy place. People not only make money here but also make culture, art, architecture and history for centuries! The City may be only a Square Mile in size but it is loaded with events for everyone. Whether you love to dive in art, music, theatre, or dig in food and drink, be part of ancient customs, or just enjoy a walk, it is all here for you in the City!

But remember! Whatever you do, the best way to discover the City is doing it by walking. So, when you plan your next visit, contact me to walk the City together. 

See where curioCITY can take you!

City drawing_edited_edited.jpg
The Mayor's and City of London Court Let
Old London Bridge night view_edited.jpg


The City view from the south side of the Thames_edited.jpg


City Guides are the Official Guides to the City of London. I am one of them. We lead daily walks all year round in all weather conditions.

Walks with City Guides are the best way to discover the City of London so join me in exploring the Square Mile, its history, people and places. You will stories about great events and great people, about famous places and hidden gems. We tell the official history and not so official or well known.

Walks start at the City Information Centre and last around 2 hours.

More details here.

City Information Centre, 

St. Paul's Churchyard, EC4M 8BX, London

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm/ Sunday 10am - 4pm

Tickets must be booked on Eventbrite!


More about the walk here.

SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 9, 30 April & 7 May at 14:00

City Highlights CIC Walk.jpg

More about the walk here.

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday 24 April at 14:00

London's Burning CIC Walk.jpg

More about the walk here.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 18 May & 29 June at 14:00

News from Fleet Street CIC Walk.jpg

More about the walk here.

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday 16 June at 14:00

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