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Welcome to curioCITY


Welcome to the City of London! Welcome to curioCITY!

curioCITY is the result of my wondering and wandering around the City of London, which made me dive into its fascinating history, full of intriguing characters and beautiful places they created, places where they once lived and worked. During my exploits I started to map the City in a way which I see it and came up with walking trails connecting all the dots.

Welcome the City the way I see it, feel it, and walk it. Join me and let's discover together this extraordinary place.

See where curioCITY can take you…

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What's on in the City


The Lord Mayor's Show is tradition going back to the Middle Ages. It was in the year of 1215 when it was first introduced and since then every newly elected Lord Mayor has taken part this procession.

The Show takes place every second Saturday in November and the Lord Mayor leaves his new home and office at Masion House to arrive at the Royal Courts of Justice and be back right for the afternoon tea. Full programme of the day you can find here.

Free Walks

Every year the City of London Guides take you for free walks around the Square Mile after the Show finishes at 3pm. This year I'll be guiding too. Walks are free but we encourage you to donate to the Lord Mayor's Appeal charity. More details here.


Open House Festival in London has been organised by the Open City since 1992. It is a celebration of communities, residents’ groups, local authorities and businesses which want to open themselves to others.

They are accessible, led by volunteers and open to everyone who wants learn about new places. Open House Festival in London is organised in 32 boroughs and the City of London, including over 800 sites and welcoming 250,000 visitors every year. Full programme here.

Free Walks

This year I will be joining my fellow City of London Guides to takes you for free walks around the Square Mile. More details here.

More coming soon...

The City view from the south side of the Thames.jpg

The City of London is a very busy place. People not only make money here but also make culture, art, architecture and history for centuries!

The City may be only a Square Mile in size but it is loaded with events for everyone. Whether you love to dive in art, music, theatre, or dig in food and drink, be part of ancient customs, or just enjoy a walk, it is all here for you in the City!

But remember! Whatever you do, the best way to discover the City is doing it by walking. So, when you plan your next visit, contact me to walk the curioCITY together. Contact me to discuss the details here.

See where curioCITY can take you.

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